Alienet is the most powerful tool
available on the known world about security and anonymity.
The Future is here.

Alienet Documentation/Presentation is available here in different formats:
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What's Alienet Project?

After 2 years of beta testing, with the support of hundreds of volunteers and supporters, Alienet reached the amazing result of 0 vulnerabilities. A project that after 2 years of development is now ready to enter the market providing in the same time the best and the cheapest solution ever!

What can Alienet do?

A company, an organization, or wherever is used a computer, should chose Alienet as main operative base. Alienet is able to lock, encrypt any client or server taking part of it. Alienet grant the opportunity to handle sensible communications, document sharing, VoIP services in the securest way.

How Alienet Works?

Alienet works like a private and encrypted hidden network, completely ignoring IP access and granting accesses with the unique key. Each client has a key. Any device is compatible with Alienet, that means that you don't need to buy any hardware or to face any money lost.