Alienet is the most powerful tool
available on the known world about security and anonymity.
The Future is here.

What does Alienet exactly do?

Help and Protect client's identity and their data-transfers

How Alienet can protect me and my company?

What Alienet does is in the same time simply and powerful. It creates for you, your clients and your servers a super-secure hidden network.
It also provides a fully encrypted environment with 4096 bits. the Anonymity is guaranted by the client's accesses: The servers doesn't check for ip or any other credentials than the key.
That's not the only things that Alienet can do. One of the most imporant aspects of Alienet is it's fully compatibility with any kind of network protocol. Alienet, not only create a fully encrypted private hidden network, but it also can run multiple servers in the same time, with an arbitrary domain name assignation....and again, Alienet works fine with Calls, Messaging, Mail Systems, Chat Systems, radio and live streaming (supporting a nice Video encoding), and much more: All you can imagine, Alienet can do.

2 years of beta-testing and 0 vulnerabilities

You have to know that Alienet was released in beta testing for more than 2 years and was released under GNU/GPL license. Thousands of programmers, computer and security enthusiastics tried it, stressed it, dossed it, and any other kind of security and penetration test is available was injected, no way!: it revealed 0 vulnerabilities. Alienet doesn't suffer of any DNS leaks too.

By simple things becomes simple solutions: Our solution is powerfull also in the price!

Alienet works only at network and software levels, require a very low minimal configuration and can run with any device: linux, apple, windows, android, smartphones, tv, tablets and much more! That means that, different from any other competitor, it doesn't require any hardware upgrade or special hardware to works.