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What's Alienet?

Alienet is a vpn based hidden network, close (you can’t use it like a proxy, nor any proxy will be able to enter it). It bears around concepts related to anonymity, privacy and security. In Alienet you’ll be able to visit the ‘.anon’ sites: it looks like a parallel network, out of all, indipendent, uncensored and among all secure.

Alienet is the only hidden network that will totally hide your ass from the big brother: when you’re connected to Alienet, your machine will result OFFLINE for the entire internet wolrd! Is that safe enough? Enjoy my dears…..

Secure. Alienet is offering one of the best anonymity’s experience: the entire network is key-auth based (4096.pem), the same network is completely closed: nothing can enter the network if not in possession of the unique key.

Easy. With a single command you’ll be able to set the entire system ready to connect Alienet, since it’s a vpn, it will generate a tunnel, the Alienet system will assign a fake IP. This IP is your exit ip into the Alienet network: the network is settled to don’t use/log or communicate with any IP, the only communications between the Alienet network and your machine is the key!

The Alienet network is coming to be very populated, and you will find always new sites, chats, and, day by day you will discover that Alienet is offering the same services you find in clearweb: IRC servers, mail services, sites, wiki, various services, social networks, and all is “servering” is allowed and available also into the Alienet network. Alienet is a parallel world, where to start a parallel life.

If you’re close to the VPN, you probably will understand how Alienet Works. Today, one of the most secure way to protect own identity is using VPN. There are many VPN sites, free, non-free, and here won’t talk about the quality of this services. Alienet is VPN based, but it uses in a different way. Alienet is not a VPN service, nor a proxy, Alienet is a private anonymous hidden network, not available from the normal internet. Once connected to Alienet you will not be able to surf the normal web. Once accessed the Alienet network, your system will be able to connect only to the Alienet network.